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Kids Klub is an ongoing program designed to capture your child or children starting as a baby to age 16, from as little as once a year to as many 6 times per year. There is a one time family membership fee which includes an annual family portrait session. KIDS KLUB has it's own special price list and with more cases your membership is rebate back to you within the first order or two.

Some ideas for choosing kids klub ...

Funny Face: Does your child love to ham it up in front of the camera? Countryside’s Funny Faces collection is a great way to showcase the many faces of your child.

Once Upon A Lifetime: From the very first infant portrait to their senior portraits, capture your child’s portrait history within our very finest leather album. The album can be displayed with your child’s name in gold lettering on the front cover and every page will document your memories of those moments of your child’s life. They make an excellent keepsake.

Cupids and Angels: Since angels have been so popular with the girls, we decided to add Cupids for the boys. We’ll capture your child’s angelic side for this special portrait.

Sweet Dreams: A special event to encompass the special bond between a parent and a child. The relationship is reading before bedtime and sharing special moments with your child.

Treasures in the Attic: Don’t miss the joy of your child discovering Grandma’s hat, Grandpa’s fishing pole, Mom’s favorite doll, or Dad’s little league uniform. We can customize this session to feature your favorite treasures. Simple clothing is best.

Once Upon A Time: Here’s your child’s chance to be in their own fairy tale. Dress your little prince or princess up and we’ll supply the castle. A perfect chance to let their dreams come true.

Days Gone By: Remember when you looked through Grandma’s photo album and saw all those wonderful portraits from the golden days. Those beautiful, simplistic portraits can be recaptured through black and white, sepia (browntone), or selective handtinted portraits are featured.

The Great Southwest: Step to a place where everything is wild. Old barrels and Mexican blankets adorn our southwest set, perfect for your little cowpoke to giddy up and have a rip roarin’ good time.

Classic Portrait: Have your child’s portrait truly be a work of art. A timeless look can be created to look as though it could be hung in an art gallery.

A Mother’s Touch: Beautiful, touching moments are captured showing the special bond a mother has with her child. These artistically created portraits become priceless as your child becomes older. Don’t miss your chance to embrace that special tenderness.

Pocket Full Of Posies: In the style of Anne Geddes, create an image of your child as a “Terra-cotta Tot” or a “Baby Blossom”, sitting in an oversized flower pot. This is the perfect session for children ages five months to five years. Children will look cute enough to pick with flowery hats, fairy wings, or your own simple clothing, like tutus, diapers, slips, or overalls.

As I Am: Shhh. Don’t wake the sleeping baby. They look so peaceful and angelic, so why not capture this precious time. We have comfy pillows and comforters, you supply a sleeping child dressed in white or light colored clothes - if any.

Garden Tea Party: Dress up your little girl in a frilly little Sunday Dress (white or pastel works best); bring her favorite puppy or kitten, or even her favorite teddy bear. We have an ice cream set that seats two of her favorite dolls or animals. She’ll have the time of her life entertaining her best friends.

Forever Country: Howdy partner! Rustle up the young’ns for this fun event in our indoor barn set with hay bales and old lanterns and pulleys. You may bring your personal props along, like a cowpoke outfit or toy tractors. Denim clothing looks best.